Monday, 8 October 2012

Vessels of the soul

From 9th-28th of October, Wendy Bicknell will be holding her solo sculpture show of at Gallery150.

As a young artist, Wendy dealt with political issues, including feminism and capitalism, but often felt that her works did not engage people at a deep level.  Because of this she changed direction, creating works that draw on her own life experiences and what it means to be human. 

In this exhibition the artist will be presenting a series of sculptural works made from ready-made objects, such as birds, containers, books, hands and feet, among others. Glass is also a key component of the artist’s practice, who sees the material as a visual representation of ‘ideas made solid’. These images feature repeatedly, popping up time and time again in different scenarios, manifesting in what appear to be ‘vessels of the soul’, personal shrines or sacred icons.

Wendy states: “I am permanently searching for relevant objects; from boot fairs, second hand shops and occasionally new. When I find enough of them - birds for instance - they sit patiently lined up in my studio until something about them inspires me.  In making these pieces I have had to deal with the awkward feeling of exposing my inner self, as does any artist who strives to be honest, but instead of crushing me the making of the work has made me feel bolder than I have ever felt before. This is the paradox of looking inside yourself for ideas.”

The private view will be held on Tuesday, 9th of October from 7pm.

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